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Discussion in 'Business Ideas' started by azraf, Sep 20, 2015.

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    I am a programmer, expert on web scraping - i.e. collecting numerous data from various websites. For using my expertise on my own business, I have developed a script that is currently gathering US business info, (email, business category, and contact info that can be sort by Zip/State/City) from various public/open sources.

    I am little confused, will selling email or contact address (by business categories, states/cities/zip, etc sorting option will be available) be a promising business?

    Or I should collect the emails and develop my own affiliate/email marketing business and use those email address? will the be better option?

    Or I should build a product manager that can manage a product list from a single panel to various business store like ebay/e-commerce website with Magento or WooCommerce/Amazon would be a better choice for future prospect?
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    I doubt that scraping itself will be a viable business unless you either spam the list yourself or sell to spammers (who probably already have people doing the same thing).

    If you use the list of emails you have scraped, you are probably going to end up violating the CAN SPAM Act if you email to U.S. emails.

    I think you would be better off using your skills to help people connect with data available through the use of APIs and respecting the terms and conditions of the sites you are connecting to.
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