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    Hey guys,

    most of you probably have other things to worry about other than defamation lawsuits – like running your business! - but I found this interesting little infographic while looking up some legal details and thought it might be interesting to share. At some point in your business career, you might get a competitor nasty enough that you would be ready to take him or her to court. This infographic is valuable because it quickly breaks down what's what. If your interested, check this pic out: For example, trade libel is bad-mouthing a company's product or service, while business defamation is trying to tarnish the company's reputation. And to prove defamation, you have to have hard proof of monetary loss from your competitor's attacks. Stuff like that. I haven't been involved in a lawsuit. But maybe you have some stories you can share, about your own experiences or experiences of people you know? This country is trigger-happy when it comes to lawsuits, so as they say, knowledge is power... :)

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