Keep Ventures under ONE Structure or Form Multiple Business Entities

Discussion in 'Growing and Managing a Business' started by LindseyInteract, Mar 12, 2015.

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    Hello Guys,

    I am new here to the forums and I am needing some input from others here on the forum.

    I started my business (Lindsey Interactive, LLC) about 2 years ago as an Internet Marketing Company that specializes in things such as Web Design, SEO, Social Media, Advertising, etc.

    However, as time as went on, the business entrepreneur has started to want to branch out into different ventures as well, such as Retail, Property Management, Investments, etc.

    So, my question is this....should I just keep them ALL under Lindsey Interactive, LLC and keep all agreements, revenue coming into one company there, or is it best to really open up individual LLC's for each individual venture/industry.

    I have heard of people doing it both ways, what is your thoughts, which do you feel is best and why?
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    Jan 4, 2015
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    The LLC seems to say it all: limited liability company.

    While there may be relatively little liability risk in doing web design and promotion, this may not be the case with retail, property management, investments and other areas. It would not seem wise to expose all areas of a business to liability because of a fault in one area. So, I would suggest separate LLCs.

    But, consult with an attorney to ensure there is a true separation of liability when incorporated as individual LLCs.

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