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    “Blessed is the man who has found his work”. A man belonging to this array is John Rosatti. Born and bought up in the city of Brooklyn, with the back ground of an Italian family atmosphere whose earning levels are down to earth. Due to the poor crisis of the family he started his lifestyle along with his parents at an early age of 11 as he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. John Rosatti has high passionate towards his paternal grandfather hailed as John Adam Bassett, who rendered excellent services as an U.S Naval Officer and was festooned for his enormous bravery during the second World War.

    John Rosatti laid his track by delivering meat to his neighborhood by a bicycle. Having a deep attachment with his father Edward, he often used to work with him on boats at the local docks which cherished him with lot of practical mechanic knowledge. Besides, John Rosatti used to work for a car service company as a driver which procured him the knowledge regarding the car dealerships. This data eventually prepared him rouse to the occasion to commence his first venture that is Plaza Auto Group which emerged out successfully and conquered him the “Top 100” dealership award by the ward’s automotive during the year 1978 in Flatbush.

    Upon the success of Plaza Auto Group Rosatti, began to inflate his business outside of New York. One of the passions for which Rosatti longed for is yachting. John Rosatti started this business by collaborating with one of his long time friend John Staluppi. They both co-founded the Millennium Super Yachts which deals in semi custom composite yachts and got featured in Power and Motor Yacht Magazine and Showboats International and lived high on the hog. Finally, his services towards many charitable organizations marked him as a real hero in his real life.

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