Import and sell a product from a company abroad: How not to get stolen?

Discussion in 'Growing and Managing a Business' started by boojstard, Aug 20, 2016.

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    Happy to be one of yours from today.
    Will do my best to answer questions as well - not just asking questions.

    For now, my company have an opportunity to work with an English speaking well known company in my (niche) industry. They create online content in English and offer monthly plans to their international customers.
    As us, a company working for French people, we share a same industry but offer a different service to our customers.

    This is where the opportunity takes place: we could as well translate and sell their content. Their brand will benefit ours, and our customer base + our knowledge of the local industry will allow them to reach a new market and make extra money with not much extra work.

    They almost don't sell in France as French people don't speak English a lot, as they don't know trustworthy people there, and because they don't know how to market their product here.
    So they don't want to take the risk of putting and effort without being certain of the result.

    Our fear is the following:
    We may sign a contract with exclusivity of sale for a certain time (or forever, but I don't know if these kind of deals happen often..), but what if, in the end, they decide to sell the product by themselves because they are finally well known and have learned of to market their product here? How to avoid this?

    Thanks a lot for reading, please feel free to post any idea you may have.

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