Implementing Account Managers?

Discussion in 'Growing and Managing a Business' started by ea1619, Sep 5, 2014.

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    How should I go about trying to add account managers(post-sales) to the business model at the company I work at?

    I recently started working at a software company. We have about 1100 clients and that number is growing faster every month. There are two sales reps (eastern North America and Western North America). I am the first ever employee with the Sales Support title. I find leads and make cold calls for the reps.

    Currently, the clients have contact with the sales rep, then they get assigned a trainer that teaches them the software. Customers pay for training based on their organizations needs. Modules of the software are sold a la cart so some clients need more training than others. Sorry if this info is irrelevant.

    What I have noticed is clients often maintain contact with the sales reps and trainers they got to know after they have completed training and are using the software live. I find that as the client base grows quicker than the number of employees, this could make it difficult for the sales reps to sell, and the trainers to prepare for new trainees.

    What is the next step for this company?

    As a fairly new employee at a growing company, I do not want to seem like a know-it-all and act like I could run this business better. However, I feel like if I made a suggestion to add Account Managers, or someone that is responsible for maintaining relationship with the clients, people might like it.

    How do I go about suggesting an idea like this and what would be their daily tasks?

    How does a position like this get implemented in an already expanding company?


    Update : Also, there is a Customer Support section of about 5 people that take calls on the software itself. I just feel there needs to be a position maintain customer relations. Call and check up on things, try and add services, ect.

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