I Will Share My Experiene about Breaking Vista Password

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    How to break a windows vista password?
    I have a Windows ista computer and my ex wife was the administrator, when she left she never told me the password and without it I cannot access the programs I need to access for work. How can I easily break her password?
    I usually see the similar problem, in order to help these people, i will share my experience that bypassing windows vista login password. There are two methods to break vista password.
    Method 1: Accessing the hidden tool
    Access the hidden Advanced User Accounts Control Panel, click “Start” button, type “Control User passwords2″in the Start Search box, and press “Enter”. When I do, I’ll encounter a UAC dialog box and will need to respond accordingly.
    Then I’ll see the Advanced User Accounts Control Panel.

    Method 2: Using Vista Password Reset Disk

    I didn't have vista password reset disk, i used Windows Password Recovery Tool to create a vista password reset disk, i just do as the following steps to break windows vista password.
    Firstly: Insert a blank CD or connect USB Flash Drive onto this computer. Download Windows Password Recovery Tool, follow the wizard to install and run it.

    Secondly: Choose "Reset Windows local account password".
    Thirdly: Start Vista password reset disk burning by clicking on "Burn".
    Fourthly: Insert the CD/USB on my computer and boot it from this bootable CD/USB.
    Fifthly: i'lll hghlight your target user account and click on "reset", and click "Yes" and "OK" respectively on the next two boxes.
    Sixthly: Restart your computer and finish breaking windows vista password procedures.

    As far as i know, these methods not only supports windows vista system, but also supports windows xp, 7 system. I hope the experience can help you.
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    for xp users if you are want to break password of user accounts except admin,you may use this:

    Open cmd
    type: net users
    type:net user "account name" *
    then it will say type the new password for that user account.

    And yes,I also have heard about 2nd method in this post but the 1st one was new for me.Nice shares...

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