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Discussion in 'Self Improvement and Being Successful' started by Thomas, Oct 24, 2010.

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    Good morning, all. I'd like to apologize in advance if this isnt being posted in the most appropriate area of the forum, but I could use some advice ...

    Last week I applied for a Regional Manager position within my company, but outside the region in which I am currently assigned. I've worked in my region for nearly 3 years now and during that time I think it would be fair to say that I have developed a pretty good repore with those who I have worked with.

    Several days after applying for the position, my boss informed me that the General Manager was going to be visiting our site this week and that he had told him that he wants to talk to me. As promised, he did talk to me and said the following ... "Thomas, so and so (the GM for the other region) contacted me this week and told me that you had applied for X-position in his region and asked me what I thought". My GM proceeded to tell me, "Thomas, I told him that I would not hold you back from doing what you want to do, however I would like to keep you in my region". He then asked what exactly I would be interested in doing (in my current region) and even offered me a lateral position (in a different field 4 hrs north - with a 17% pay increase).

    Anyway, I told him that I would visit this location this week to get an idea if this would be something that I would be interested in. The whole conversation with my GM was pretty surreal. I wasn't expecting him to basically offer me multiple different things and so openly. To say the least, it kind of gave me a big head for the majority of our 10 minute conversation. lol

    Ok .. to the point where I need the advice. As you can imagine, I was pretty struck when he offered this so I don't know how exactly I may have initially came off to him. Now that several days have passed since being made this offer I have had some time to think and talk with my wife and ultimately, I believe the position in which I did apply (Regional Manager-different region) is the one that I REALLY want.

    Here are my questions where I could use some input:

    1) Do you think my agreeing to visit this "other" site this week gave my GM the impression that I am going to stay in his region, thereby prompting him to contact the other GM (from another region) to say that he doesn't think I am going to be interested in the position that I initally applied for in his region?

    2) Do you think that my current GM offering me these options may have been due to the other GM saying that I wasn't qualified for the position that I did apply and this could be his way of softening the blow, so to speak. (To clarify, I believe alot of my qualifications fit the job that I applied for, however I don't meet all the experience requirements, but I have been told in the past that this other regional GM (who once served as a Director in my region had a pretty high opinion of me).

    3) Lastly, do you think I should email my current GM clarifying that I will be visitng the site that he mentioned this week, however I still want to be considered - and granted an interview for the position that I did apply for if that regional GM is interested in me?

    I know I'm asking alot and rambling, but I could use some good honest advice. I'd appreciate any on-topic feedback I could get.
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    Hi Thomas, welcome to our business forum and thanks for posting. I've moved your post to our "Jobs, Careers, Employment & Education" section. The fact that your managers are prepared to offer you a pay increase and other positions shows that you are obviously a valued employee at your company, well done.

    Visiting the other region is the natural thing for you to do in the circumstances and it should not give the GM the impression that you will not be moving. To ensure that there is no misunderstanding, it might be a good idea to contact the GM from the other region to ask if there is any update on your application and to let them know you are still interested in that position.

    I wouldn't worry too much about that, it's obvious that the company think highly of you. If they don't think you have the experience just yet for the position you applied for, they will most probably tell you directly. You will have a clearer understanding of their views on it, once you have had a chat to the GM in the other region.

    That sounds like a good idea, it will clarify your position and interest to everyone involved and will hopefully move the process forward.

    Good luck with it and please do post back to let us know how you are getting on, or if you have any further questions.
  3. Kay

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    No, I think it was a smart move on your part. While I wouldn't put doing something like that past a GM, I doubt he would have when he's been pretty open about everything else. He knows you and the other GM have to talk again at some point. I doubt he'd risk you finding out he'd basically scuppered you. He sounds like a guy that tries to do right by his staff.

    Heck no! GM's don't do that. Take it for what it is. You're good and he wants to keep you. A GM will steal another GM's staff without a twinge of conscience if they think they will be good. He doesn't want you to go, simple as that. Don't talk yourself into diluting your confidence in your abilities. They don't offer more money just to make you feel better, trust me.

    Yes, yes and yes. And maybe even cc it to the other GM too so it's all upfront and crystal clear for everybody involved. Good luck! Keep us posted on how it's all going.

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