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    When interviewing a potential new hire, its standard procedure for a Human Resources professional to assess the candidate as compared to a list of key skills and personal characteristics needed for the job.
    In considering ideas to start our new HR Daily Advisor service, some at BLR thought it might be interesting to turn the tables on the profession, and come up with a list of such attributes for Human Resources professionals themselves.
    In no way is this authoritative, but it is the opinion of people, including BLR Founder and Publisher Bob Brady, who’ve spent decades meeting with HR professionals, supporting their goals and reporting their achievements. You may agree or not with our assessments, but either way, we’d like to hear about it via the “share comments” link on this page.
    The are some Essential Skills of Human Resources Management - How Many Do You Have?
    Human Resources management requires an orderly approach. Organized files, strong time management skills and personal efficiency are key to the Human Resources function.
    On any day, an HR professional will deal with an employee’s personal issue one minute, a benefit claim the next and a recruiting strategy for a hard-to-fill job the minute after. Priorities and business needs move fast and change fast, and colleague.
    Discretion and Business Ethics
    Human Resources professionals are the conscience of the company, as well as the keepers of confidential information. STC education center Dubai is providing excellent HR training. As you serve the needs of top management, you also monitor officers’ approaches to employees to ensure proper ethics are observed. You need to be able to push back when they aren’t, to keep the firm on the straight and narrow.
    Employee Trust
    Employees expect Human Resources professionals to advocate for their concerns, yet you must also enforce top management’s policies.

    This means that communication is clear, that peoples’ voices are heard, that laws and policies are followed, and that privacy and respect is maintained.
    Dedication to Continuous Improvement
    The goal is continued improvement and innovation as well as remediation. And looking to their own houses, the HR professional also uses technology and other means to continuously improve the HR function itself.
    Team Orientation
    Once, companies were organized into hierarchies of workers headed by supervisors. Today, the team is king. HR managers must consequently understand team dynamics and find ways to bring disparate personalities together and make the team work.

    What skills are HR employers looking for?
    In the business world, companies that attract investors are valued for their potential, not just what they are worth in the here and now. In the recruitment world, you should value yourself in terms of your potential worth to a new employer.
    In order to assess your 'investability' employers need to see some evidence of this potential, especially if you have never worked in the HR sector before. And this means that you have to identify the key skills and qualities that HR employers will be looking for when they are contemplating making you the latest addition to their team.
    The people who thrive and make a successful career in HR all have a common set of attributes that are highly regarded, both technical and personal qualities, including:
    • strong communication & interpersonal skills
    • numerate
    • good administrative and IT skills
    • commercial awareness
    • highly organized
    • diplomatic and objective
    • trustworthy and discreet
    • team working and supporting your colleagues
    • patience, integrity and sensitivity
    • assertiveness
    • flexible and adaptable
    • good at building relationships and able to influence others
    If you can demonstrate that you have most if not all of these key skills, you are half way to getting your foot in the door to your new career.
    And if you lack some of them, then make it your mission to acquire them as soon as you can so that you can boost your chances of being taken on. When describing skills on your CV it's good to have tangible examples of when and where you have used your skills so look to get involved in activities where you can practice what you preach.

    Reyasat Khan
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    hr is play very important role in a company like from arranges meeting and manage all employees so your training plan is do good thanks for it
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    Nice article reyasat. I like one characteristic you have mentioned; • diplomatic and objective. This is needed not only for HR but for any Business personals.
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    Sep 25, 2013
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    Hr play very important role in corporate house. It is very essential for any corporate house.
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    I think all these ingredients make a perfect HR for an organization. But the most important one is that HR should be good at building relationships and able to influence others. As building links and relations with other organizations too comes under the responsibilities of HR.
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    Hm, thank you for the useful post. When hiring new personal to spare time, I always use templates and the preliminary filters to cut unnecessary applicants. I spare 60% of my time with the developed template with standard questions and replies. I also recommend to write your FAQs with the detailed information. All applicants often ask the same questions so after some time you`re finding the challenger, you`ll know what questions you can include in the list.

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