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    Back in October, after renewed interest in the "Sales, Marketing, Online Promotion & SEO" thread, Fergal posted a "Forum Rules Reminder" in an effort to increase, and maintain, the quality of the threads and posts here at BAF. Almost a month later, cesspadilla started a thread about how to use the "thanks" button. But until now, no one has really written a guide on how to write a helpful post. Using the Forum Rules as a starting point, I would like to remedy that omission. Because the purpose is not to harm any member or ethnic group, any and all posts or threads quoted herein will not include names.

    How To Write an Informative, Helpful Post

    Using the Forum Rules as a guide, I have come up with the following posting Guidelines.

    1. This is an English language forum - only English language text is allowed. This is actually rule #6, and I would like to add the following: Because this forum is in English, members must be able to comprehend, and write properly in, English.

    2. Now down to rule #11 - Lots of extremely short posts such as "Great post" & "Thanks for sharing" do not help the community. If you wish to thank another member please make the effort to say why you are thanking them & how their post was useful to you. When appropriate, please use the Thanks System. Here I would also like to add, when you are thanking a group of members, please tell us how they were helpful.

    3. In addition to rule #11 above, please avoid posts of one sentence or a few words as much as possible. If asking a question, tell us what prompted the question. It will give some context for the answer, making the response more informative as well. Which brings us to,

    4. Rule #12 - When posting to say you like something or to tell us who / what your favourite is, please tell us why. For instance, if you use a particular website or software to accomplish a task, tell us why. What is it about this particular item or website that prompted you to use it, and/or made it your favorite. If you are providing instructions on how to perform a task, explain each instruction. a perfect example of this is post #5 in this thread.

    5. When asking about someone's way of performing a task, if possible, create a poll. And, whe responding to a poll, rather than simply saying, "I chose this", tell us why you chose it.

    6.Now down to rule #13 - *Poor quality posts that are used to promote your signature link and/or run up your post count are not allowed. Please ensure that your posts are helpful, on topic (i.e. relevant the the thread posted in and not just general advice) and original (i.e. not repeating something that has already been added to the thread). I am specifically referring here to the last part of the rule, although the entire rule is important. Do not copy and paste any portion of someone else's post, and claim it as your own

    7. Speaking of claiming things as your own, if you are posting information from an article, and not creating original content, please give credit to the source, both the title and author, in the body of your post. For example, based on previous post made by one member, s/he knows very little about the subject of this thread. And yet, s/he is apparently trying to claim it as his/her own.

    8. Before posting, read the thread! Do not post the same answer to a question if someone else has answered it, unless you can add something new. This way, you will avoid threads with posts like these:

    I will probably have more, and I'll post them here if I do. For now, that should be enough.
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