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Discussion in 'Growing and Managing a Business' started by bizzy, Oct 15, 2014.

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    Hi everyone this is my first post here and my understanding of entrepreneurship is still very remedial. I can use some advice for structuring my business'. My vision is to own a Corporation for operating three businesses.

    The three businesses I plan to have are:

    1. providing a cleaning service
    2. managing my own rental properties
    3. helping to fund young adults college educations

    I already have the cleaning service and it is generating revenue. Right now it is just a one man show (just myself working), and it is registered with a DBA. Question: Should I buy an LLC in order to protect myself from liabilities?

    I do not have any rental properties yet, but those are coming in the near future. I may also do some flipping but I am unsure at this point. Question: Should I make it an LLC for operating the real estate and rental business?

    For helping to fund peoples educations, I think a non-profit might work best. With the non-profit I want to donate a small percentage of my profits from my cleaning service and my rental properties.

    Question about d/b/a, LLC, and s-corps: Will one s-corp be enough to protect all of my businesses even if they are registered under a dba?

    I live in Florida. If you can offer any advice about how to structure this business I would appreciate it. Thanks.​

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