How To Start MySQL Server?

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    If you want to start the MySQL server, you can run the "mysqld" program in a command window as shown in the following tutorial

    >cd mysqlin
    "mysqld" will run quietly without printing any message in you command window. So you will see nothing after entering the "mysqld" command. You should trust
    "mysqld" and believe that MySQL server is running ok on your local computer now.
    Another way to start the MySQL server is double-click mysqlinmysqld.exe on your file explorer window.

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    Jul 29, 2015
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    If you installed MySQL using the MSI installer, it should be setup as a service. You can open the service in two ways.

    1. Access the Installed Service:
    Open the services icon in the control panel
    Scroll to the MySQL service
    Right Click the Service and click start service

    2. Command Line Execution:
    Open DOS Window
    From the C: Prompt, run the following command
    C:\Windows\system32>net start mysql

    If you get some error then start DOS window as an administrator.
    Again type the above command C:\Windows\system32>net start mysql
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    We can start MySQL service from windows command line using the below command.

    net start mysql
    Command to stop MySql service:

    net stop mysql
    Disable MySql service:

    sc config mysql start= disabled
    Command to enable MySql service(to automatically start MySQL service when the system starts up):

    sc config mysql start= auto
    Command to set the startup type to manual:

    sc config mysql start= manual
    How to restart MySql service? There is no direct command to restart a service. You can combine stop and start commands like below.

    net stop mysql & net start mysql

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