How to Select an Offshore Data Entry Provider?

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    Due to the overwhelming market demand, many data entry companies are emerging every year. Data is essential to any company, thus data entry is a service any company would need at some point or other. As a result, choosing an appropriate data entry vendor is particularly important. People are inclined to outsource data entry projects to Asian parts, for example India and China. What on earth tips do companies seeking for data entry providers need to consider? How to select one with high quality but low cost?

    Nowadays, the internet is widely available. You can first turn to the web for help. Just by entering several key words like “data entry”, “outsourcing company”, “China”, etc. you are able to access a large number of data entry providers. It would be a wise choice to just check page 1 or the next page to filter the choices.

    Since data entry is an unavoidable event in any company, then turn to your partners or customers and asked them to recommend some providers they have worked with. In these two ways, you select several vendors more consistent with your requirements.

    The following step is contacting these outsourcing companies, getting to know what projects they have done and what kind of solution they can provide. If you are a company dealing with pharmaceutical news, and willing to enter different source news into a database, by coincidence one particular provider has finished similar task, no doubt this provider will be the preferred choice.

    Other points you have to consider when selecting an offshore data entry provider are: popularity among customers. The reason why they are popular among clients, must be that it offers high-qualified and efficiency data work; professionalism, include professionalism in performing teams and infrastructure, which is extremely important to the outputs they produce; security and privacy, which is a big issue if your data need to be kept confidentially. You should know whether they have this kind of rules among data performers and whether they abide by that.

    After considering these points, you narrow down your choices into 3 to 5 providers and the last step is asking quotation for the selected outsourcing companies. Judge the time and cost they will finish your volume of data task, the right choice will be made.
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    Thanks for your points but i would like to add that even after shortlisting, you should put them to a limited duration test where you can evaluate them and find out most suitable candidate.

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