How to make your Website SEO fit Social media Trends

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    You might have made some efforts to make your website SEO friendly and to gain visibility on the major search engines and boost your traffic. And I'm pretty sure you know how beneficial Social media channels can be in increasing and attracting visitors to your web site.

    Are you sure your website is active in social networking? In case it's not, that may be a reason why it's not getting enough visits from referral sources. The thing is that once you brought visitors to your site you have to keep them interested in order to increase the number of returning visitors. How to reach this goal? The answer is just to make your site shareable.

    Recently I've found one interesting article written by Jennifer Clark, which can give a more detailed answer on all these questions.

    These easy tips may help you reach great number of visitors, at the same time make your web site more users friendly!

    Here are some few techniques with the help of which you will be able to bring your site or blog to the level of the latest social media trends. These features may seem to you very simple, but it is really important to add them to your website or blog:

    1. Social sharing / bookmarking buttons: Adding a share this or AddThis button to your website/blog helps create one way back-links to your website and make it easy for your visitor to recommend or share your link with others.

    2. Facebook sharing widget: The Facebook share widget is the best way to share your Facebook information and updates to your website. This widget gives your visitors the ability to effortlessly share and bookmark your website through the well known social network Facebook.

    3. Twitter following widget: Tweets are the most in thing among social media lovers. This gives you the opportunity to show off your tweets to your visitors; also the visitors can get regular updates about you product and services by following you on Twitter.

    4. Send to a friend: This widget enables the user to send a link of the current web/blog page to their friends or colleagues via E-mail.

    5. Subscribe (RSS feed, feedburner): RSS feeds are the best way to distribute their content beyond the regular visitors using various browsers. It permits the subscription to regular updates, delivered via news readers, web portals, or old email also feeds make it possible for the website content to be enclosed into gadgets, widgets and mobile devices.

    6. Review & Rating: This option lets the visitor to provide feedback for your services, content and products through comments, rating options or by adding like or dislike buttons. The feedback helps in making your site/blog better and more user friendly.

    7. Polls: Polls and surveys are the excellent ways to understand your customers and visitors. A poll is one of the best ways to understand the needs and wants of the customer and also will let you know what the majority has to say. Determining what visitors want helps you make modifications to your website and convert your visitors into customers.

    8. Retweet button: Popular as the viral marketing, getting visitors to retweet your content gives you the power to your network to spread and take over your message, products and services onTwitter.

    9. Vote (digg, sphinn, folkd): Votes provide the feedback and let you understand the requirement of users. Votes are a kind of positive feedback by the visitor for your website. You may allow the visitors to vote and share using Digg this, Sphinn it, Folkd it and many more.

    10. Forums & blogs: Forum and blogs have made the publication of content much easier. To keep up your visitors more engaged to your website, its better to engage them with a forum or blog integrated with or for your website."

    By Indianapolis company Swan Software Solutions.

    I hope this information will help you.

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