How to Get Free Highly Targeted Traffic That Converts

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    One of the biggest mistakes people make when creating content such as blog posts is that they do not focus on what people are searching for related to the relevant niche.

    - Do you waste money on non performing PPC such as adwords?

    - Does your website not get enough traffic?

    - Does your website get traffic but very few conversions?

    If so, then the answer lies in obtaining highly targeted free organic traffic

    Using keyword research it is possible to find relevant key phrases that bring highly targeted traffic and which converts much better. Also known as long tail keywords, although search volume is lower, the quality is much higher as the search is more specific.

    For example:

    If searching for "shoes" most people are simply browsing

    If searching for " Blue Nike Air trainers" the individual is much further down the buying cycle and more likely to act

    Bottom line - Highly targeted organic traffic converts at a much higher rate than any other form of traffic.

    The question is how do you get highly targeted traffic interested in your product?

    There are 3 steps:

    1) Extensive keyword research to find relevant key phrases - which have traffic and low competition within your niche

    2) Write highly focused blog posts/ articles using latent semantics related to the key phrase

    3) Promote the blog posts / Article to achieve organic top page position

    One of the most effective ways to increase highly targeted traffic is to create content that delivers an effective informative message and which focuses on a specific key phrase that has traffic and which can achieve a top page position within search engines for the key phrase and related phrases / terms.

    The difficulty is finding these key phrases and then writing content which will display for that particular key phrase.


    Client :

    I carried out extensive keyword research and we concluded that additional content aimed at specific areas would work, content was created, uploaded and a variety of backlinks from social media etc were added. The pages achieved top page positions and bring in regular free targeted traffic.

    Example article title and search phrase:

    Are you a workaholic or do you just work hard?

    The process is as follows

    I conduct comprehensive keyword research to ascertain suitable long tail phrases to use within the articles

    These are sent over to you to review and decide on suitability

    I then create the content and send to you for submission

    Once submitted I then create a range of white hat backlinks, such as social media shares etc to the blog post to enhance its authority

    Within 4-6 weeks the article will display for the relevant key phrase and bring highly targeted free organic traffic to your website

    Whats included in the package:

    - Comprehensive keyword research on niche to find relevant key phrases (the keyphrases can also be used to enhance PPC campaigns to achieve much higher returns)

    - Content creation - Blog posts / Articles

    - Backlinks - Social media shares etc

    Special Offer

    5 blog posts / articles including all of the above (Can be all different subjects or all within the same niche) - £100 (£20 each)

    10 Blog posts / Articles including all of the above (Can be all different subjects or all within the same niche) - £150 (£15 each)

    Time frames

    10-15 working days for completion

    Required information

    Niche or market desired - for keywords

    Payment info

    Either Bank payment or Paypal

    Bank details available on request

    Paypal : [email protected]
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