How to Find Lost Windows 7 Password

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    Have you ever lost Windows 7 password? Look at the 2 questions below:

    Q1: Find Windows 7 password? Help!!!
    I have Windows 7 OS on my computer right now. I went on vacation for a month and a half. Now when I try to go on my computer, I’ve realized I’ve forgotten my password. Is there any way to find out my forgotten password on Windows 7? Any help? Please help!

    Q2: I lost my Windows 7 password on my MacBook Pro?
    Ok, so I have a MacBook Pro that has installed Windows 7. They are different partitions…Now I’ve seemed to lose my password on the Windows 7 side and I want to get it back now. Is there some way of doing so? PS. I don’t mind deleting the account to create a new one.

    From the above, we can easily see that many computer users are losing their Windows 7 admin password for some reason. Fear not, you can still get the forgotten Windows 7 password back with a little effort. Now, follow this article, it will show you how to make it.

    What to do when you forgot your Windows 7 password?
    There aren’t many options to hack Windows 7 password no matter how technology advances. For one option is to reinstall Windows 7 system. Some people may recommend this way to solve the problem but I won’t since with doing this, it won’t only take lots of time but also delete most of data on the machine. Well, the other option which I always recommend to my friends is using a credible third-party Windows password recovery tool.

    Using SmartKey Windows Password Recovery Standard to find lost Win 7 password easily
    This is fairly a new and useful option. The tool - Windows Password Recovery Standard is basically a small yet effective program to automatically reset lost passwords for Windows 7 and all other Windows versions. After the resetting process finishes, you can log into Windows 7 again. Below are the detailed tutorial guides on how to reset lost Windows 7 password with Windows Password Recovery Standard.
    Step1: Free download and install SmartKey Windows Password Recovery Standard into an accessible computer.
    Step2: Prepare for a blank CD/DVD and then burn the Windows Password Recovery Standard ISO image files to it.
    Step3: Insert the newly created or burned CD/DVD into your locked computer, next reboot the PC.
    Step4: Set your locked PC boot from CD/DVD and then reboot the PC.
    Step5: When the CD/DVD boots you’ll see Windows Password Recovery Standard initializing. Then just follow the command prompts there to reset the lost Windows 7 login password.

    That’s method on how to find password Windows 7. You now can log into your Windows 7 machine without entering a password!


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