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    How to Build a Landing page, this is sometimes known as a squeeze page, is a question on the lips of all newbies.

    I have written this for total newcomers to internet marketing, because I know how difficult it can be when you are starting out, so my appologies to those of you who are way ahead of what I am about to write.

    If you are new to afilliate marketing, you need to grow your own list of subscribers, for example if you join an afilliate programme, make sure they have all the support for you eg.

    1.A good sales page,
    2. A good email follow up sequence,
    3. Banner ads,
    4.Good support centre

    If you have all of the above there are other things you will need, and some skills you will have to learn, because having an afilliate page will not build your OWN list. To do this you will have to have your own domain name, a hosting account, and some software that will enable you to upload your own landing page, "filezilla" is good, and best of all it's free, I like things that are free. Last but not least is an autoresponder like Aweber or Getresponse. All this can be a bit daunting to a newcomer, but don't dispair or give up, which is what happens to some people coming in to this business, the reason for this is because they are not shown HOW to do things

    A Landing Page does not have to be pages long. I have found that overly long Landing Pages do put me off, as long as your Landing Page is concise and, more importantly, full of good of good quality content that will offer a good free gift like an e book you are sure to get traffic.

    Strangely enough the most important part of your Landing Page is your header. This has to draw your visitors in, to get them to read the rest of your page.

    My advice would be to find "How to" information products on a subject you either know a lot about or are interested in, go to Click Bank, you will find a ton of products that you can market. The enthusiasm you have for the subject will show through as you write your page. When you are more experienced in the art then you can write a page on any subject.

    Vary the colours, and font sizes. Use exclamation marks and itallics to make your page is easier to read. There is nothing worse than huge blocks of text with no breaks.

    Don't have long paragraphs, and use punctuation freely.

    How to Build Your Landing page should be fun, and it will be the more you do it.

    Even if you have not written anything before, you will soon get the hang of it.

    I write down ideas as they come to me and at the end of the day I have so many ideas that I could ramble on forever.

    The trick is to read all your ideas over again and pare them down so your content is valuable to the reader. Also answer questions on your page that you have found on forums, as a lot of your visitors will have the same questions.
    How to Build your Landing Page should also read "How to Build your List", The list is so important as marketing related products becomes so much easier. Put in an "Opt-in" form from your autoresponder, as I said before an autoresponder is a must. Use arrows to draw their attention to the "Opt-in" form. It is important that you give clear instructions to your visitors of what to do next , because if they leave your site they probably will not ome back again, so strike while the iron is hot. So don't forget the money is in the list!

    Stan Williams

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