How is the ranking done(se techniques)

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    so we see that ranking the websites on major search engines , is not so easy task.It requires a lot of hard as well as intelligent work to manage the ranking of a website. So the solution is hiring an expert SEO service provider, who will be applying the seo techniques to make a website come up the pages of search engines.SEO basically adjusts a website so that it becomes search engine friendly, thus attracting a lot of visitors to the website. However the techniques followed for optimizing the website should be ethical.
    Optimization are of two types 1) On page optimization 2) Off page optimization .On page optimization refers to the website content .A relevant and good quality content can attract huge traffic for a website because the important key phrases will be meta tagged in such a way that when some body searches using those key words or phrases then the web links will be automatically listed. Off page optimization technique includes writing and submitting, blogs articles and press releases. Implementing Social media optimization techniques etc. A good SEO company like Compete Infotech will apply unique techniques and strategies to make a website easier for the search engines to find, thus giving the website the due prominence.

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