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    There are several different types of new business ideas for 2011 that you can opt for in order to generate a decent amount of primary or additional income. Read on to get to know about few hot business ideas for 2011.

    Along with traditional ways of earning money, with the use of Internet technology and the need for supportive services, there are many kinds of small business ideas for 2011 coming up. Though these are small business ideas, they have a lot of income generating potential, which decently may add up to the primary earnings of the owner. A large amount of customers for small businesses come from the working class, which does not have spare time for simple tasks such as cooking and cleaning. Let us have a look at some hot business ideas for 2011.

    Hot Business Ideas for 2011
    Cleaning Businesses
    Cleaning businesses are an all time favorite business for earning money. However, those who are planning to consider this small business opportunity should realize that it does involve a lot of physical work and management. You can either offer cleaning services for homes and offices, or simply windows. The only investment would be the required accessories and understanding of work procedures.

    Physical Fitness Businesses
    Since more people are experiencing stress in their lives, there is an increasing need for services that would help people stay fit and healthy. Owing to this requirement, you can take relevant courses and start a yoga instruction, physical fitness, or nutrition home based business. You can even start mental health consulting and similar other small businesses for secondary income.

    Event Management
    Almost all of you would agree to the fact that the services of event management professionals are inevitable. Event planning is required in all kinds of gatherings, conferences, company outings, and other occasions. In order to make this business successful, you need to have a good skill set about managing transportation, local laws, arranging for food, time management, and other managerial aspects.

    Home Improvement Businesses
    It is also a fact that people do not want to waste time on decorating their houses, but want their homes to look attractive. Considering this, you can set out with an interior decorating business. Similarly, you can even render services which are concerned with home improvement, furniture restructuring and refurbishment, home automation, etc. These home improvement services are really in great demand at present.

    Internet Businesses
    No other income opportunity is as versatile as doing business on the Internet. You have got a wide range of web based businesses to start with. The most common way is article writing, wherein you write on certain topics for websites who in turn pay you a decided fee. Another most popular method of making money online is product selling on websites like eBay and Amazon.

    Fast Food Services
    This is a small business opportunity which has proven to be a good income generating method for many people. If you are good at cooking and want to make money out of it, you can arrange for setting up a small catering or fast food business. The amount to be invested in the food catering service would depend on till what extent you want the business to grow.

    Businesses with Hobbies
    You can even consider your hobby for the purpose of earning a certain amount of secondary income. If you are good at photography, you can use the skill to get contracts of wedding photography or projects for formal occasions. Similarly, you have the option of using painting, teaching, playing a musical instrument, taking care of pets, and many other hobbies as a mode of income generation.

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