Hosted Shopping Cart or Fully Hosted or Open Source Ecommerce Solution?

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    In this growing eCommerce Trend, businesses are moving to eCommerce as they found it best way to showcase their products and gain a huge list of customers. There are lots of scripts/software available for your eCommerce Online Store. So you have lost of options to choose from as full support is given for bugs and errors. You just need to make an account and use store management tools to manage your products and for customization.

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    Below are the three options that you can choose from:-
    • Open Source eCommerce Solution
    • Hosted eCommerce solution
    • Hosted Checkout Process
    The thing is to choose that shopping cart software that fulfills all your needs. It is must that if you are developing an eCommerce Website then it should have proper URLs and should follow Google guidelines so that it can easily indexed and visible on SERPs.
    Check the list of Open Source eCommerce Platforms:-
    • OpenCart
    • Magento
    • OScommerce
    • PrestaShop
    • CubeCart
    • SimpleCart js
    • CREloaded
    • Ubercart

    List of Hosted eCommerce Solutions:-
    • Shopify
    • Highwire
    • Izzonet
    • Business Catalyst
    • Flying Cart
    • uShops

    List of Hosted Shopping Cart Services Providers:-
    • FoxyCart
    • DPD
    • Sendowl

    You can clear all your doubts regarding all these eCommerce Solutions here to whether choose Custom eCommerce Solutions or to choose Readymade.
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    Yeah but the problem with many carts is that non of them have a Live Chat in it.
    Live Chat can help in gather information about your customer and help your customer decide in what they would like.
    And if any cart is abandoned, then Live Chat helps recover that and asks the customer again about if they would like to buy it or leave it. This is helpful to the owners of the website.
    Plus Live Chat is also 24/7 so anytime when the customer is trying to make a sale, there would be a sales person on the other end who can help the customer.

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