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    When you plan to organize and create an event, the main target is to sale maximum tickets as possible and nothing can be better if you will get success to sell all the tickets. Ticket sales for an event are always directly proportional to the size of the event and performer’s popularity but there are many factors weigh in once the actual tickets go on sale. Most of the event presenters have a common misconception that that just because they are organizing an event, people would like to attend the event automatically but it doesn’t necessarily pans out this way always, as there’s always a hint of hesitation in purchasers mind before clicking “Get Tickets”. People will only interest to buying tickets if the event draws to their interests.

    Marketing and promotion of an event are always essential factors to increase the ticket sale, as these two factors have a tremendous impact on motivating people to buy or not buy. “Good Marketing Drives Good Sales”. In addition, event presenter should give incentives to their fans in order for them to commit to buying their tickets. The most effective strategy that event presenters should implement is to offer discounted tickets for their fans. This will not only help to grab the target audience attention, but it will also force them and motivate them to buy tickets ASAP!

    Believe In Quality Not Quantity! Another best strategy to maximize your ticket sale is to categories your tickets. Don’t put all your tickets on “General Admission”; divide them in different classes like Premium, VIP, and Students with different price. It will give your fans a feel that they are special and they won’t even mind to pay extra money to enjoy the special experience.

    Many a times, all these marketing and promotional activities are not sufficient to create the buying desire, as all ticketing systems charge an extra and irrelevant fees such as convenience fee, ticketing fee, print at home fee etc. to fans, which is a big demotivation factor for fans and restrict them to buy tickets for their desire event.

    Yapsody, a FREE friendly online ticketing system, respect the art of selling tickets and also respect the fan’s desire for their favorite events. We at Yapsody are totally against the concept of overcharging “FEES” to ticket purchasers, that’s mean now fans can buy ticket without paying any convenience fee, ticketing fee, print at home fee etc. Yapsody encourages you to use our online event ticketing system when selling tickets for all your future events because buying event tickets without any extra fee is the biggest incentives for fans and it will definitely draw their attention and motivate them to buy event tickets.

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