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    Hello, I work at an HOA for the management company 40 hours a week mainly doing handyman/maintenance work, i fix all their irrigation issues, clean, paint, whatever the board see me saving them money I do. Their landscape company is separate from the management, is a small community with only 145 homes charging about $150 to $350 a month, they pay the landscape about $100,000 a year and i don't know the management part other than my $15 an hour plus workers compensation paid to the management company witch I get byweekly, the management Co don't charge them extra for me, I used to work part time for this HOA and the current board fired the landscape Co I used to work for and kept me, I need to make more money and I see so many opportunities at this place, the assosiation can't pay me more, they were paying $7,000 less for me for only 20 hours a week, i have extra time in my 40 hours to do other things and my ideas are that they can pay someone else the financial part of the property management and i can do the rest as a property manager, they are always complaining about the property manager because he does not do things on time or does them at all, he's only got 5 hours a week here and only comes for about 1 hour one day a week, so getting paid for my regular duty and extra for the property management part is one of my ideas, the other one is that i can save alot of money to the landscape Co by doing all the landscape work orders they pile up causing them a lot of complains and managein their mowing crew that's always messing up, so the HOA paying them my workers compensation and the $15 dollars an hour plus more money from the landscape Co is my other idea.

    I need suggestions on what i should do, i can get the CAM license and im willing to try anything else that can get me more money for this HOA.

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