hey guys i have some questions about starting a truck tire business

Discussion in 'Starting a Business' started by tony huang, Sep 29, 2015.

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    sorry about my english not so good ha. I want start a truck tire business trucks like bus regional what places do i look in to to sell them tire?and is it profitable?
    the tires i get it from is china, hold on guys i know what they say about chinese regular auto tires, but i see that one company name rsi distrubtor seems doing fine they have big facility in CA.
    tire sizes are 11r22.5 11r25.5 285/75r24.5 22.5 295/75r24.5 22.5.
    i would say these tires are mid quality, and i did some research on top brand tire they all around 450-500, if i get them tires i could sell the.for $280 a pc. every time it come in shipment container 240 per container.rsi distrubtor are selling similar model of tires. IF ANYONE HAS professional opinions and comments please help me out. i want to be successful. thank you anything i havent cover please let me know. very appreciate your help!

    1im concern if is profitable?
    2.who and place i talk to get my clients?
    3. how to deliver the tires?fees? or i buy my own truck hire a driver to deliver it?
    4. how to run it?

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