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Discussion in 'Wordpress' started by Owen, Apr 8, 2015.

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    Jan 30, 2012
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    Dear Members,

    We are working on a ISP website project. The basic requirement is the reporting module.

    Explanation: ISP has several service engineers who would be getting task assigned by admins. (Through call / web form) The task would be like technical support.

    Step 1 : Admin has to create a task using the customer's user name and password with details.
    Step 2 : Service Engineers has to check the task and go the customers' place and complete the issue and edit the task as completed with customers review.

    Option 1 : Service person can be able to upload forms if needed.
    Option 2 : Admin can download all task through excels at the the end of the month.

    Is there any plugin for wordpress available already ? I have checked most of the plugins which are for project management not for custom service like support.

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