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    I have been lurking here for a while gathering information as I needed it but decided it was time to signup as I couldn't find any answers specific to my current problem; plus the site is awesome anyway, good job BAF developers on the awesome effort they have and has got such a large active user base which I like a lot!

    I am Carl, 27 from Leicester, England and am currently a Masters degree student in the field of Computer Science at the University of Leicester.

    I love to code and create things in any programming language, at the minute Java; more specifically in Android Development. I self taught myself how to program in my spare time whilst doing a job I hated and got good enough to be accepted at Leicester University despite not having any A Level qualifications proving to myself that what you have or don't have means nothing only how much you want whatever it may be.

    A little bit of advice for anyone here who is listening and hates their current job and have talent elsewhere that is being wasted stop wasting your time and change career, seriously, best thing I ever did. Never too late neither I made the decision at 25 leaving what people would class as a professional and well respected job. I would say I am a fairly well versed programmer and can build some large scalable applications my latest work can be found here http bigbearrecruitment.com/ (not allowed to post proper links yet), it is my passion and I constantly think in terms of programs/code etc (as many coders will know I am sure). This is not an advertisement by any means, but if anyone wants help I will gladly help for free in any way that I can; dependant on the scale of your task.

    I have got to the point where I am ready to start selling/releasing my software, primarily mobile applications in the category of games. The games have an underlying educational purpose and my first few releases are aimed at young preschool/toddler children.

    I signed up as I would like to seek advice on certain things such as company direction, aim, public image, how to grow etc... I know there are a lot of mobile application companies out there but I am taking this serious and want to get things right, there is no reason why my software can't be a top store listing on any mobile platform.

    It is just me at the minute, and I can build fun apps (my 2 and a half year old son is my main tester and he loves them) but I would also like to build a company around it rather than just be a regular app maker. I have not the first clue about real business, I have been taught various stuff but in the real world it probably amounts to not a lot.

    Nice to meet you all and thanks in advance for any advice I receive etc,
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