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    Hi everyone. Thanks in advance for reading and for your replies.

    I sell handmade, natural personal care products online and at farmers markets. I am ready to start getting my items in grocery stores, so I need to purchase barcodes. I understand the basics of how barcodes work and know the difference between GS1 barcodes and those purchased through (recommended for small businesses by Wall Street Journal). I was just wondering if anyone has any experience or advice on this and could recommend which route to take.

    I need about 30 barcodes currently, but may need more in the future as I add new products. With GS1 I would have to order 100 barcodes (which would be plenty to last me forever) which would cost me $750 plus $150 every year for the membership renewal fee. If I purchase them through I could get a smaller quantity of 50 for $475 and no annual fee.

    Apparently barcodes work at every store in the world with an exception of 6 (none of which I plan on selling at). I just wonder how true this is and if I would be safer going with the official membership through GS1. I have already had one store tell me they prefer brand specific barcodes (those purchased directly through GS1), but don't require them.

    I am on a tight budget, so I am definitely trying to save money here, but I don't want it to end up costing more in the long run if I end up needing to purchase new ones or even additional barcodes from Though, I doubt I will ever have more than 50 products.

    Thank you!


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