Google's Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide Review

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    A couple of weeks ago Google released an updated version of their SEO Starter Guide which they had originally released about two years prior. Last night I finally had a moment to sit down and read it.

    As expected, it was about 30 pages of primarily basic on-page search engine optimization stuff. Most of which I have already covered on this blog. But, it is still worth the measly hour it took me to read it. So I highly recommend giving it a look, especially if your fairly new to learning SEO. What it will tell you is some best practices for getting your pages crawled and indexed properly, however in today's competitive market don't expect that following this guide alone will help rank your new website well enough to be competitive. You'll will also need to focus heavily on obtaining back links for that.

    Summary of What You Will Find in Google's SEO Starter Guide

    SEO Basics

    Create unique, accurate page titles - page 4
    Make use of the "description" meta tag - page 6

    Improving Site Structure

    Improving the structure of your URLs - page 8
    Make your website easier to navigate - page 10

    Optimizing Content

    Offer quality content and services - page 14
    Write better anchor text - page 16
    Optimize your use of images - page 18
    Use heading tags appropriately - page 20

    Dealing with Crawlers

    Make effective use of robots.txt - page 21
    Be aware of rel="nofollow" for links - page 22

    SEO for Mobile Phones

    Notify Google of mobile sites - page 24
    Guide mobile users accurately - page 26

    Promotion and Analysis

    Promote your website in the right ways - page 28
    Make use of free webmaster tools - page 30

    And, in case you didn't find it above, here is a direct link to download the PDF:

    If you're fairly new here and or to search engine optimization, you also might want to check out my top 10 basic SEO tips for new web sites if you haven't already.

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