Google's Knowledge Vault: Next Generation Search Experience

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    Future Google Search style will be more user-friendly. Now if we type 'restaurants in New York', a list of web sites showing. In future if we type 'how to improve memory power?' then you will get the answers, means content instead of showing links. That type of algorithm is under process.

    Search Engine scientist named this technology as “Knowledge Vault.” With this Knowledge Vault users can get the answers from Google search, no need to visit third party publishers. This will be Google's new business strategy.

    Without any human interference or manual editing of the content, Knowledge Vault can get the assembled data and shows the final answers to the user. “Knowledge Vault autonomously gathers and merges information from across the web into a single base of facts about the world, and the people and objects in it,” says experts.

    I am not sure this Knowledge Vault can server all kinds of computer devices, but very much helpful to smart phone and tablet users to get instant solutions.

    Knowledge Vault will become a future artificial intelligence application or a machine-to-machine communication because it is gathering data from other machines.

    Future of computing strategies will have new shades. All the popular web based firms are working on this type of advanced future knowledge vaults.

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