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    Jun 16, 2014
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    Recently, I came to know a news in which it was mentioned that Google is going to roll out his new algorithm in April 2015, according to which Google will gave higher ranks to those sites which are mobile friendly. Following the topic, I done the research about this update and written an article in which I have mentioned;
    1. What is the New Algorithm?
    2. How to test your site?
    3. How to make your site ready for this update.

    I have written this article for site webmaster convenience, It does not involve any of the promotion or selling of any thing. So read the article and give your valuable suggestions.

    Here is the link to that article: Google Signal about Mobile Friendly Websites
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    Yes, I have been reading about these for sometime and there are 3 ways to go mobile:
    Responsive web design
    Dynamic serving and
    Separate URLs.

    You have detailed explaination by Google on this topic.
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