Goodbye Queen of SEO!

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    After nearly 20 years of practicing Search Engine Optimization and being a voice of reason in this industry, High Rankings CEO Jill Whalen finally decided to move from SEO.

    Personally, it's quite a sad news for me because I've been following her since I started SEO back in 2010. I was a total noob that knows nothing but link Spamming. I was one of her loyal followers that have been successful to some aspects of my career because of her advice.

    She said "Finally, however, Google put their money where their mouth was with their Panda and Penguin updates. At last the only real way to do SEO was what I had been espousing all along. And it’s a beautiful thing! Today’s SEO blogs and conferences are bursting with SEO consultants talking about how, when you create amazing websites and content for your users, the search engines will follow."

    Say goodbye and good luck and God Bless to a new path of journey Jill!

    The rest of her goodbye letter can be read here:
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