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What theme do you use for blogger?

  1. Provided by Blogger

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  2. Create it myself

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  3. From private services-Pay

  4. From private services-Free

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  1. Michael Leng

    Michael Leng
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    Feb 8, 2012
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    What theme is your favourite the most?

    I myself use free blogger from Google. We have started posting since two years ago. At the beginning, it is quite difficult for me to complete it. HTML/CSS code was very a long way away to me indeed. However, one day,

    Today, I've found the templates compatible to blogger. Totally, it truly is free. Just, to credit towards the authorizer. He requests for embed link signature with the blog footer. It is rather good template designed. There are lots of themes for select to work with appropriate your blog speaking about like theme for travel, digital, news, timeline, twitter, wallpaper, myspace and facebook…

    The “Templateism” provides theme feature and detail, how you can customizing with easy way “drop menu” online, live chat, question-answer, comment and discussion. These useful information will help you rescue from any stuck while using it.

    Therefore, I have some blog while using original theme from “Blogger” and many on the rest includes The “Templateism”.

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