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    Hi I have recently joined a large global firm, straight out of university. I am learning a lot and books by Donald Trump have helped me. Networking in these places seems to be really important.

    I am finding that I am making good first impressions on people. The problem I am having is following up on their offers. In particular offers for them to introduce me to other people.

    For example, on one day I sat at lunch with a manager visiting from a different office to facilitate our training. She offered to introduce me to some people in a different service line at my firm. (This is because I told her I may be interested in that line) After lunch we parted ways and I saw her later in my service line's office.

    She came up to me to say goodbye and I took an interest in her home-firm and what it is like there. I also asked "when would it be possible to introduce me?". She said the people she knows were away on clients right now and she said something about facilitating the introduction via e-mail but that never happened.

    Anyway, that has long past and I gained nothing from it. That was my first attempt at networking. I don't want to be naggy with a manager or partner without building up a good relationship with them first. So I guess I just lost out. Is there any advice you can give here? Could I have done anything better? Should I have asked her to introduce me straight after lunch? Or is that too pushy? I have never really been good at "making things happen".

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