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Discussion in 'Growing and Managing a Business' started by Curtis Is GOD, Feb 20, 2012.

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    Hello Business Community Forum,

    I am posting this topic today for advice and general feedback for my music production company. I am currently still at school and things have started off slow due to this but however, I have my business plan, my marketing, the contacts that I need to succeed in this industry and I also have the backing off my friends whom of which has a dad who is a business lawyer and has agreed to help me throughout these times and be my personal business lawyer so to speak. I am just going to give you an in-sight into what South Productions is and hopefully you fellow's can give me some comments back on how to improve etc. All comments are welcome either negative or positive I need all the feedback I can possibly get.

    South Productions is a UK based home company at the minute providing services for un-signed artist who have the drive and the passion to succeed within the music industry. We as a company not only help bands/groups/solo artists we go further than what any production/agency company ever has. Wouldn't you as an artist or music lover, love to be able to send your music into the professional with professional help from the inside so you don't waste any money ? Would you love for a company to help with your backing track for no extra cost and much more does this interest you as a musician ? Well look no further because South Productions is the answer to problems all there problems. We may be an Up-Coming business but we have built up a strong contact list though the months taking our time working out every possible angle. We as a company can help any artist get signed into a record label if there music is up to standard but not to fear even if there music isn't good enough for passing on from our contacts this does not end our relationship with them this only brings us stronger together. If any artist is denied for whatever reason South Productions will stand by them every step of the way and help these people make money as a band/artist by helping them re-generate there music helping them getting it onto such online shops as i tunes, cd baby, amazon and much more. We will also try and get them booked into gigs, clubs, festivals they do not have to have a record deal to be successful within music you can still be un-signed and still make a living.

    South Productions builds a relationship with every single one of there clients we take them as a person not just a client but someone who has dreams and feelings someone who has wished for something good to happen to them. Most agency's/record label's can only go so for example an agency can send your music into there contacts but you have to send your songs into them for a price and its normally pocket draining considering the tracks you provide them but 9 times out of 10 artist/bands fail this process and they only get a friendly letter back saying why they was rejected and how they should improve there music. Record companies are a no go you should never ever send your music into them direct because at the end of the day they need to make money so the odds of them finding that single hit through millions of recordings is like finding a needle in a hay stack its impossible.

    This is why South Productions stands out from all of these other music companies no matter what if there rejected we will always be there to help our clients through those hard difficult times we will make sure they get the help they need to better them self at something to have that drive and hunger they have inside there eyes we will unleash that beast inside them. Everything is explained on our facebook page there is much more detail to read about that, that I have yet to explain but it gives you more of an in-sight into what we do. If you could please like the page so our company gets more noticed as we can help each other out in these bad times and if you ever wish to contact South Productions for any reason general enquires, employment, opportunities etc then drop as an email and we will happily get back to you within one working day guaranteed.

    Facebook page -
    Email - [email protected]

    Thank you,

    Curtis Cole.

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