Facebook finally Kills the Like-Gate!

Discussion in 'Social Media for Business' started by ProfitClinic, Aug 11, 2014.

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    Be warned, gang… abusing online channels only hastens a hostile reaction.

    When you keep pulling the nose hairs from a sleeping 800 pound gorilla, you KNOW what's coming, sooner rather than later… right?

    (If you don't, your contribution to the human gene pool is likely to be exceedingly short — ignorance, gullibility and stupidity are short-cuts to oblivion.)

    Anyone with a Facebook page that uses Like-gates (forcing people to Like your page before they can access your content) has a very short life expectancy following Facebook's recent announcement banning them. You have fewer than 90 days to comply.

    Get the full story at MarketingLand:
    Facebook kills Like-gates — you have 90 days to comply

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