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    Is your English written documentation letting you down?

    Are there lots of errors in your English translation making it look unprofessional?

    Are you losing business because of your poor English documentation?

    English proof reading and writing is the answer.

    For UK and overseas manufacturers who are supplying goods and services to the English speaking markets, it is essential that your content and literature is grammatically correct and reads as it should do in English to ensure that your business looks professional.

    Documentation such as user manuals, marketing material as well as web content, needs to create the right impression to individuals in English speaking countries, otherwise potential sales and contacts can be lost due to poorly presented English in the documents. Having superb glossy documents that do not use proper English, are simply a waste of time.

    One of the problems with translation into English is that the english language can be difficult to comprehend, especially for those whose first language is not English. Different connotations of words and expressions can change the meaning of a sentence or even a whole paragraph of text. So it's essential to have the content proof read by relevant English language experts to ensure that it creates the right impression and looks professional.

    Proof reading and writing

    I provide proof reading and writing in grammatically correct English, for overseas companies who provide literature for the English speaking market.

    I take your currently translated documentation and make sure that it reads exactly as it should do for the English speaking market. I also provide rewritten content, as required to ensure that the relevant message is conveyed correctly.

    I have over 10 years experience in proof reading and copywriting, with relevant qualifications and knowledge.

    Let me help you to create the right impression with your English language documentation

    For a non obligation quote, just email me the documents that you want proof read and I will email back with a quote.

    My email is: alan(@)glitterz.co.uk (remove the brackets, its only there to stop automated scrapers)

    To find out what else I offer visit my website: http://www.glitterz.co.uk

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