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    People often put the glasses are compared to the window of the soul, love beautiful girls especially hope oneself can have a pair of watery eyes, and eat some food is more at ordinary times to our glasses to has the advantage of, below we see what food to watch for our glasses have good?

    The eyes are the people of the facial features, the window of the soul. A pair of beautiful and moving eyes will give a person with the infinite charm, especially for young women to young people, it is strong and handsome eyes is very important. To make their eyes bright and strong and handsome in the daily life, in addition to strengthen the protection of the eyes, should also be in food in some more calories to function of nutrients. Eyes Generally speaking, to the eyes and strong and handsome beneficial food has the following several aspects:

    Rich in vitamin A food

    Vitamin A is to maintain normal metabolism of human body epithelial tissue of the main nutrients, can maintain normal and not make cornea corneal dry, degradation, and strengthen AnGuang darkvision ability in the role. If lack of vitamin A can appear dry eyes, afraid of HSV keratitis, light, and tears, even can lead to conjunctival thickening or softening, ision loss, so that appear night blindness or insomnia. Therefore, many choose to rich in vitamin A food.

    Vitamin A in animal food containing mainly in such as animal liver, eggs, milk, cod liver oil, butter and food. In addition, carotene is the premise of vitamin A in the body material, can be converted into vitamin A, but the conversion rate is only 1/6, mainly including in carrots, spinach, lettuce leaf, leek, handline cucumis melo (food), bamboo leaves peas seedlings, alfalfa, pumpkin, tomato, three-colored amaranth, loquat, laver, green beans, etc.

    Rich in vitamin B2 food

    Vitamin B2 can guarantee the normal metabolism of the retina and cornea, if lack of vitamin B2 susceptibility keratitis, appear tears, eye redness, itching, even eye spasms and other symptoms. Vitamin B2 is easy to lack of residents in our country a vitamin, therefore, should pay attention to choose the dietary rich in vitamin B2 food, especially adolescence should eat more animal liver, heart and kidney, egg yolks, cream and non-ferrous vegetables, especially some wild vegetables contain vitamin B2 special rich.

    Rich in vitamin B1 and Nick acid food

    If vitamin B1 and Nick acid inadequate intake, easy appear eyeball tremor, visual dull and other symptoms. Vitamin B1 coarse grains in rich content, Nick acid in food generally is adequate, so as long as reasonable collocation, diet food diversification, can achieve the purpose of the eye.

    Food rich in vitamin C

    Vitamin C is one of the ingredients of the lens of the eye. If the body lacks vitamin C, easy with the opacity of the lens, it should eat more cataract some food rich in vitamin C as fresh fruits and vegetables, etc.

    Contain long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in the fish

    Fish especially deep sea fish contain long-chain fatty acid (DHA with more such as docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) has the retina protection, if every week can eat 1-2 times can protect vision.

    Eat less excitant food

    Should eat less or not to eat for the eyes have excitant food, such as hot peppers, Onions, garlic, pepper and spicy food. Especially cigarette, wine eye damage to more big, should LiJie drinks.

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