Does my website need a mobile website?

Discussion in 'Website Development & Design' started by fstep, Mar 2, 2014.

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    My company's current website is (please remove the link if it's against the rules, just posting so people can see content variety I have to deal with). I offer a lot of services, have a pretty large portfolio, a pretty complex e-commerce system, and quite a bit of other content. Needless to say it's a lot to get through on a mobile device, however it's also what makes the site sell, so compressing it too much may do more harm than good.

    I've read mixed reviews on when a mobile site is or is not needed so not sure if my site needs one. What I was considering is something like the Domino's Pizza style of mobile site - but open to other ideas.

    Generally speaking do you feel like my site needs to have that focuses on obtaining user info rather than selling services or should I keep it as is?
  2. RoseAb

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    Dec 7, 2013
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    I didn't take a look at your site (my time is too tight) but I have similar problem with my site, because so much data but that data is needed.
    But here is the thing, we are moving to a time that the only people sitting at computers will be software developers and such like that. Everyone else will have a mini type of computer. So most people will never find your site if you don't have a mobile version.
    The real question is how to do that. What I did with mine, is keep all the same content but for the mobile version I put everything into one column that the browsers can then resize.
    I also made my images smaller. It isn't perfect, but at least they can see all my data. If I wanted to take more time I would further optimize it for mobile.
    Another issue my site has is I use Stripe which does not work on mobile device (at this time). So they will not be able to purchase from mobile. But for me, that is a small issue because for most of my products they click through to another site to purchase.
    It is a hard decision to make and took me quite a while to decide what to do and not a lot of work but some tricky programming to do it all.
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    May 29, 2013
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    I think you have to take into consideration the main demographic of individuals who spend most of the their time using a mobile device to surf the web. I'll be honest, I use my cell phone a lot to web surf, however, most of the time i'm on my cell phone surfing the web, it's just for recreational use, and isn't for anything serious. I do all of my serious work from my desktop computer or a laptop. I visited your site, and it is a very beautiful site, however, you have a lot of information on your website that would have to be removed in order for the site to work in it's mobile form.

    It's a tough call to make, but my honest recommendation is to keep the site the way it is for both the desktop and mobile version. That way, no matter who visits the site, and regardless of what device they are using, they can still receive the same necessary information that will enable them to take full advantage of what your website is offering.

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