"Doers" and "WannaBes"

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    Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the “doers” and the “wannabes?”

    Well, one type (doers) actually sets a plan or course of action to do something. Then, they actually follow that plan to actually “do it.” While the other type (wannabes) constantly talk about doing something .. but never actually get around to do anything.

    Five years … ten years … twenty years from now they’re still talking about “doing” that something and never getting around to it. Or, they find every little excuse as to why they can’t possibly do it at that particular moment.

    Does this sound like you?

    If you’re a “wannabe” you’re probably going to look at every “business opportunity” the same. “Hmmm. Seems like an interesting idea. And the money looks good. Lemme try it out.”

    Then what happens?

    You procrastinate for weeks about getting started, saying “this week is the week I’m gonna get started.”

    Bull crap!

    Months pass and you STILL haven’t started. Instead, you throw that “business opportunity” to the curb and move on to the next one.

    I knew – and still know – too many wannabe’s.

    Almost all of them are hoping for that one “business opportunity” that moves them to actually do very little while making them truck loads of money each and every month.

    They do this while life, money and opportunities pass them by … quickly.

    The “doers”, on the other hand, are the ones that look at every, potential, “business opportunity” and strategically plan methods to implement them into their current business, or to start a new business.

    The “doers” are the ones that don’t procrastinate because they realize that opportunity waits for no one.

    The “doers” are those with ambition.

    I know this from experience because I use to be a “wannabe.”

    Interested in every business opportunity I saw. My mouth was constantly watering because I was dreaming of all the money I could potentially make.

    In a week … a month … in a year.

    That’s the furthest any of those opportunities went.


    I procrastinated until the cows came home.

    It wasn’t until I stopped to realize what I was doing – or wasn’t doing – and why my life was where it was at the time.

    All of the time, and years, spent wishing to succeed never came because I never followed the number one rule for business.

    Just do it.

    I learned that one little rule from a man I’d consider my mentor. He told me that many of the successful people in business, and life in general, don’t really know HOW they became successful.

    All they know is that they just did it.

    They didn’t procrastinate.

    They didn’t make excuses.

    They just DID IT.

    I find, nowadays, that there are a wide variety of people who want success, dreams of success, wishes for success, etc. but they never achieve it because they don’t do anything about it.

    Is that you? Dreaming for success that never comes your way?

    What is it that you want to do?

    Be a “wannabe” for the rest of your life – OR – be a “doer” and actually do something.

    You’ll never succeed in anything in life unless you make a plan and actually do it.

    Source: For more articles, visit www.shadeofinfo.com

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