Customer Behavior & Advertising (Effective in the future?) + other Questions

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by RoseBerg, Mar 6, 2011.

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    Hi all,
    I am new in the forum and i currently living in Indonesia, anyway i study management at my University and i've been observing several customer's behavior toward a particular product. My questions are:
    1. How does Customer behavior effect the sales?
    What i know is, here in Indonesia, i've heard people said like "Ehh well, i don't care about the seller, all i need is their product". How do you confirm this?

    2. Does advertising really effective these days? (like posters)
    I studied about Blue Ocean Strategy, my lecturer said it's a "bloody war" between 2 companies to fight in advertising their products. What i think? it is silly, because let say Company A and Company B sell waffle and since i love Waffle product from Company A, it doesn't mean i love the waffles product from Company B, did u get it? So why Company B put alot of effort into making these huge, colorful advertising posters if most customers love waffle product from Company A?

    3. What's the difference between Technopreneurship & Entrepreneurship?
    For what i've studied, Technopreneurship is ways from companies to use technologies to convert products, make innovation, etc. Meanwhile, Entrepreneurship is the use of ideas to make or start own business.

    Thank you guys,,your help is greatly appreciated!
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    Welcome to our Business Forum RoseBerg, nice to meet you here.

    Many people will say things like that and perhaps for some of them it is true. However, I believe that for the majority of people, their perception of the seller impacts on their purchasing behaviour, even if they don't fully realise it. For example, would you buy a second had car from someone you don't trust? Would be happy to eat in a restaurant that has a poor reputation when it comes to food safety?

    Probably because their research shows that advertising helps improve their sales. Not all advertising is targeted directly at making sales. Before someone makes a purchase they will often go through the AIDA process, as outlined below.

    Awareness - they become aware that the product is available and for sale
    Interest - they become interested in the product and in knowing more about it
    Desire to actually possess/consume the product
    Action - the customer purchases the product.

    Advertisers know that the customer must move through all stages before they actually make the purchase. Some ads are focused on awareness, i.e. the objective of those ads is primarily to make potential customers aware that the product is on the market. Follow on advertising campaigns or promotions will focus on the interest, desire and action stages of the buying process.

    Reading your post is actually the first time I came across the expression "Technopreneurship" from what I see on the web it generally refers to entrepreneurs who have technical knowledge and who start and run technology businesses. Technopreneurs would be people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

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