Current Situation of the Student Accommodation and the Housing Investments

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    In recent years, student accommodation has become one of the most popular investment assets. It is being considered as one of the most profitable investment all around the world.

    The world has become a global village now, students come to seek knowledge all around the world, but due to the high tuition fee of university campuses and accommodations, they look for such private accommodation that can be affordable for them. Consequently, it has become a very attractive property asset for UK student accommodation investment.

    A possible cause of increase student accommodation demands can be the limited space offered by the university hostels. One room is allotted to 5 to 6 students that makes the living miserable. Apart, from this there are too many restrictions due to which it becomes quite hard for one to adjust in such hostels. All these factors have contributed in increasing the demand for student bedrooms all over the UK especially in London.

    UK student accommodation investment is a very bright opportunity for the investors which can benefit them in many ways. For example, if you buy property in an area which is very promising like London, it will bring many advantages for you. London is the home of many bright universities, people all around the world come to study in these universities. So, providing them with accommodations would be a very wise decision. However, the rent of the houses depends on the area you are living in. While renting the accommodations one has to keep in mind that London is the most expensive rental place all over the England and is the second highest rented destinations. So, the renting can diverge across different areas.

    Moreover, during the UK student accommodation investment, one has to take into account the certain factors which are important for them. First of all you have to consider that the accommodation which you are renting must be near to the university campus so that you can save your extra expenses of transportation. The house must place near or within the city, as it would be easier for you to access to the market, libraries etc. Your apartment must have proper lighting system and it must be renovated because once you are busy in your study, you won’t have time to worry about these things. While, on the other hand the poor lighting system might affect your eyesight as well.

    For student, renting different apartments it is very essential that they must sign the contract with their landlords. Mostly the average length of the contract is 41 weeks or it can be 45 weeks as well. To secure your accommodation place, it is very necessary that you must pay advance booking. It is also essential that one must search accommodation from April onwards as after it there are little chances of getting private accommodations due to the lack of UK student accommodation investment.

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