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    There is this new app that I want to share with you. The best part is that it's pretty cheap. It's only $4.99, and it can totally help your children with their typing skills. It's called Typing Fingers and it's on the Windows and App Store.

    This is a great app for children and parents. The whole app is designed with children in mind. Typing Fingers uses a completely new approach to teach the efficient touch-typing (ten-fingers) system. It makes typing fun, is interactive and works with modern technologies and a new teaching method. The beautiful design and peaceful music create an amazing atmosphere that allows everybody, including children, to improve their typing skills and get TYPING FINGERS DIPLOMA after successful completion of all levels.

    This is a great app if you're little one hates to type, but you want to teach them. I've been using it and I have to say that it's a great app. It's in the Windows and Apple Store, so go and check it out!

    Here is the link you can follow if you want to download it!

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