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    Why you should never get a job
    Why people work 9-5
    People want the security of a job they can go to every day. They want to pay their rent, car payment, insurance, health insurance, exc. without having to worry about it. In exchange for that they go to a job that they may not like or hate. Most people, 80% according to Deloitte’s Shift Index survey, are dissatisfied with their job.

    When I read that I was very sad for those that chose that life for themselves, but then again, they CHOSE that. Now, if 80% of people don’t like their job, don’t you think they would desire starting a business or being self-employed? The answer, unfortunately is no because they usually don’t have a desire to start a business. In that case, they will just be stuck at their job. Or even worse, they may start a UNION.

    But there are those who sadly don’t want to start a business for fear that they not be able to pay the bills. I want you to know something that I know with absolute certainty. No amount of work exists that is unstable, only the person working can cause instability. When you hear excuses from a business owner like, “it’s a bad economy” or “It’s just tough”, you should never believe them. They know that it is their fault because they are not really pursuing their full potential but they just don’t want to say it.

    Jim Rohn said that “wages make you a living but profits make you a fortune”. I know that the most efficient and effective way to make a fortune is to start a business. Do you know of any rich man that doesn’t own a business? Ok, so you have athletes, actors, and talk show hosts right? Yea, but many of these people lose their money when they are past their prime. Think of Mike Tyson, for example. He went from a net worth of 200 million to completely broke in a few years. Now, look at Donald Trump. Yea, he went broke but he still had the business savvy to earn all his money back.
    Here are a few reasons you shouldn’t get a job

    1)There is an 80% chance you are not going to like your job according to the Deloitte’s Shift Index survey. Don’t believe me? Take a sociology class and the teacher will tell you the same thing.

    2)You are making someone else richer. The smart women and men out there who start a business are using you as leverage to make their jobs easier. You are really working for their benefit while maintaining a lifestyle that you may not even be happy with. You want more? Well, you need to work your way up the ladder and become more valuable. This may take years and years, but all for what? To make your boss more money and for you to have somewhat of a nicer car? Why not just own the ladder?

    3)You are not free. You are trading your time for money, which means you HAVE to do your job. Ok, no one is forcing you to work but, if you don’t, you lose that precious security that you are holding on to. You may have a fear that you will not make it as a business owner. The fear that if you quit, you won’t be able to support yourself. In others words, you fear that you cannot become the type of person who can handle an unstable job. Am I wrong? 80% like I said are unsatisfied. What other reason would those people stay other then, “I need to pay the bills”

    4)No one is rooting you on when you move up the corporate ladder. Instead of supporting you, you are now the target to aim for. Unfortunately, you are not the only person that wants a raise or a promotion. When you start to succeed more or gain more power, people around you will not wish you well because you have what they want. On other hand, when you start a business, everyone wants you to succeed because it directly affects them. After all, the employee wouldn’t have the job if it wasn’t for the owner right?

    5)You may not like your boss but deal with it. Oh so you hate the way your boss talks to you? Deal with it. You hate that he always gives you rules that he himself does not follow? Deal with it. You hate that he plays favorites based on looks rather than actual merit? Deal with it. You hate that he wants you to work weekends when he will not be there? Deal with it. You hate that he micro manages every little thing you do down to the type of pencil you use? Deal with it.

    6)It takes forever to earn more money. The only way to earn more is to get a raise and you have to go through tremendous hurdles to get it. As a business owner, however, you just need to work harder and smarter. Actually, there is no ceiling to how much you can make. If you don’t believe me, ask the billionaire business men out there.

    7)You may like your boss but not the people you work with. Oh you feel alienated because your office is very clicky? Sucks for you. Deal with it. You mean they gossip about untrue things about you? Deal with it. Many times an office will turn into high school all over again. But you want to pay your bills right? So you’ll deal with it. If you had a business, you could get rid of all the high school BS if you wanted.

    8)You may not have a purpose. While it is possible to have a purpose in a 9-5 job, it is very hard unless your office has a great culture. When your office has a great culture, everyone has a purpose and they work hard because of it. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many people. They just go to work, earn their pay, clock out, and go home to watch some TV. For me, that is no way to live.

    9) More likely than not, you will not grow and test yourself. An employee mindset is not conducive to the desire to grow your capacity. This is an obvious fact. An employee, unless they are really good, will not work 1 minute after they are supposed to. I was at an eye-glasses store the other day to buy glasses for myself. The employee there lost my business because she said she couldn’t help me because it was 5 minutes past the store’s closing time. Luckily the business owner wasn’t there because he would have been pissed. You tell me, is that someone who is striving to make the store successful, trying to grow themselves, or is it someone who just wants to leave after a day of work? You decide who you want to be. The rare employee who is truly satisfied with their job or the business owner who has complete control over their life and circumstances.

    10)I don’t know why I saved this for last, but your stable job is not really stable. You may lose it at any time. The economy is so bad now, with over 8% unemployment, how can anyone really feel safe with their job. This is especially true if you have a HIGH paying job. If the company just can’t support giving you that much money, they have to let you go. SORRY, but we just can’t afford you anymore even though you are very valuable to us.

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