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    Hello There!

    I'm new onto this forum and I need some advice about a boggling issue. I'm currently working for a International Manufacturing company located in Hong Kong as a sales rep here in USA.
    I contacted a ex sales person who lives out in CA from my previous job and he started doing business with us since Oct 2011. Initially he made his 1st & 2nd payment via Wire Transfer to the company in Hong Kong for the cost of the goods.
    Then when it came time to pay for the 3rd and 4th shipment which amassed to over $20,000USD back in March 2012, he started making excuses that he had to travel and with each week that passed, he would have a different excuses; his wife is sick and will take care of it the next following week. Next following week comes, he then, tells me he's having anxiety attack and that he is resting up for the week or so.
    After that conversation, I haven't heard from him and that was 3 weeks ago. I have e-mailed him and left him voicemail and up until now, heard nothing back. My intuition is telling me that he is avoiding to pay and he thinks he can get away without paying our company b/c our previous company did it to my current company and being the fact that my current company is located in Hong Kong there's nothing we can do.

    I on the other hand, beg to differ. I'm sick and tired of scum who hides behind a mask pretending to run a honest business and pocketing money that is owe. Everyone is human, striving to make a living especially in Third World country who slave their way, pour their sweats and blood and long hours to deliver goods in a timely manner and only to find out all their hard work was for free.

    Running a business is tough especially in this economy where cash flow is tight. But to run away cowardly? That is disgusting and yet they are living life conscience free, w/no morals and values while honest business people who are genuinely good hearted are always the one who ends up getting screwed first.

    In a scenario like this, what measure of action can I take?

    Thank you for your time....

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