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    I am a 27 year old indie game developer and am in the process of releasing my first apps on various mobile platforms. My games are developed for preschool/toddler aged children and ultimately I hope are enjoyable to play whilst enabling the player to learn at the same time. Learning is the main focus of the games which I make and it is a company aim/target to enable children to learn in an enjoyable environment, they were originally developed for my own son called Cai who is two and a half. He is probably the best game tester I could ask for and just watching him play the games I can gather valuable feedback.

    I want to try and build a company around the apps that I release as a serious side project and try to make it grow into a successful and possibly self sustaining business. It is just me at the minute and probably will be for a long time, but that is besides the point.

    The hardest part so far for me was coming up with a business/company name. I read various guides, on-line how to documents and asked various people/family for ideas and opinions, basically trying all the possible ways in which to come up with a good name. I had many alternatives at the end but the one which I would like opinions on is below; I liked it the most as it had the best pro/con ratio after evaluating the names I had come up with.


    I have already bought the domain just in case I do use it as I really do like it, but I am not 100% sure on it yet, and either way it is still a nice cool short .com domain which are hard to come by these days.

    A breakdown of the name's part from my own probably biased (as I really like the name) perspective;

    Cai (pros)

    - name of my first born son who the apps were originally made for (adds a personal touch to the name which was important for me to have included)

    - plus the definition of the acronym CAI can be found here http (can't post proper links as is first post) (this was actually a pure luck coincidence but a very relevant one if I have understood the definition correctly). It basically defines it as a broad category for any learning conducted through the use of electronic means, used in a business perspective/environment mainly but I think it fits in with what I am trying to achieve with my apps and the overall aim of my future company.

    Cai (cons)

    - Not a very common word, if a word at all in most a-z typed languages (is almost certainly a spelling variation of a word or name in most languages though, which I suspect is not a good thing)
    - Could easily be misspelt for example; Ky, Kuy, Kye, Kie, Chi, Kiy, Cuy, Kuy, Khi, Khy, Khye, Chye, Chy, Qi, Qy, Qai, Kai, Kaie, Kigh, Kiegh, X (Geek letter Chi), Kuye, Kiy, and Chiy

    Pix pros;

    - sounds pretty cool, I think at least
    - Refers to pixels which ultimately are the essence and base element of any game/software which I plan to release (along with a good amount of logic :) )
    - Is not easily misspelt as it is a commonly used word and because of companies such as Pixar

    Pix cons;

    - I couldn't come up with many alternatives so I had relatively little to compare against when deciding

    Pix possible issues;

    - I think the suffix sounds fluent when the name Caipix is said in full, sometimes they sound wrong but would like opinions on this please as I may be wrong!

    Additional pros/cons for the entire company name that I can think of;

    Caipix pros;

    - Has a personal relevance in the name which was very significant and important for me to be included (even if no customers/players would actually care about it)
    - is relatively short, only 6 letters which is hard to come by these days
    - is original, relevant and puts across the company's main aim (CAI definition if correct, PIX for pixels)
    - I already own the domain name

    Caipix cons;

    - Based off of various opinions from people that I asked their first impressions were that it sounds like a software company that was involved with cameras/photography such as a family portrait company or something similar
    - The definition CAI is probably irrelevant and too ambiguous for the general consumer to even realise without research which is highly unlikely to happen
    - I really have no idea of general public opinion only family/friends opinions which are often biased towards positiveness out of kindness etc
    - I already bought the domain name so if this is a not a viable name I have a redundant and probably useless domain, not that this is going to be a factor at all in the final decision.
    - I have registered social networking ids, app dev accounts with the name to ensure consistency, which also proves to me it is very original, I hope for the right reasons.

    Caipix possible issues

    - the name sounds catchy to me but would like valued opinions on this if possible
    - the acronym CAI, if I have the definition correct, is probably irrelevant and pointless, even though it portrays the company's image perfectly as well as what I aim to provide and solve as a result of consumers/players of my games/software; most people will not know what the acronym CAI stands for, I didn't know it and I am coming from a computer science background, if I didn't I doubt the general consumer will either.
    - I am pretty proud of the cleverness of it (not to sound big headed) but I like how all of the name parts relate to something that the company stems from or is hoping to provide/aim for/solve the solution of fun learning etc.
    - is it too generic and simple sounding, I always thought that game name companys should be bold and brash such as NaughtyDog, HalfBrick, Ubisoft, etc does mine sound to plain and safe if you what I mean
    - I think it doesn't cut off my possible future product range, for example choosing kidsLearnApp as an example name would be a bad choice if I decided to release an adult learning game, or just a simple learning game for all ages.
    - I have no idea if this means something offensive in other languages etc, or is a word which is associated with negativity in another language which would be a bad thing for sure

    I think taking the time to choose the correct name for a business is very important and plays a vital role in the business's overall wealth/health and success. As you can tell I have thought deeply about the name but I would like honest opinions with reasoning behind them if possible on what I have put forward; GOOD OR BAD, but put nicely either way.

    If the name is chosen, dependant on answers and opinions, the display of it is also very important to me. I was wondering of people's opinions on it either being displayed as CaiPix (pascal case), caiPix (camel case), CAIPIX (full caps), Caipix (capitalisation), or just as caipix (lowercase).

    What are the pros and cons of either as this really isn't an area of my expertise at all (if it is even considered as one) I would personally opt for either pascal case or first letter capitalistion. I see apps myself and tend to unconsciously stay away from companies with FULLCAPS names, but that is just me.

    If I am over thinking this please say so, this process was supposed to be fun, which it was but it is quickly turning very sour, it has taken me and only me 8 hours to get here and is the last hurdle for me to jump before releasing my first ever product.

    Thanks for your probably very long and tedious reading of this post if you managed to get this far that is.

    Please give feedback people, I literally am waiting to release, 18 views and not one comment!!!
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    The one objection I would have to the name is one you've already heard from others - "Pix" sounds like it has something to do with photos, because the word ""pix" is most often used as an abbreviation of "pictures". I do like the idea of using "Cai" as part of the name, because it is relevant to what the games are for. I also like the idea of separating the two halves of the name by capitalizing each half, but still using it as a one word name. But, if "Pix" doesn't work, because it causes most people think "pictures", what else should it be? Although these are learning games, they should also be enjoyable to play, challenging, and, as you said, you may want to branch out into games for older kids or even adults. The second half of the name should reflect that, although "CaiPlay" may cause people to mispronounce the first part. I honestly couldn't come up with any quick suggestions, but maybe you can use the hints above to brainstorm a bit, possibly combine "Cai" with part of some of the other names you came up with.
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    I understand what you are saying. I really liked Caiplay unfortunately .com is not available. Thanks for your input. I'm definitely going to try and think of some other second parts to the name. I agree and am going to stick with Cai. Thanks again, much valued feedback.
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    I have to disagree with your name selection.

    While I understand and respect the emotions this name brings to you, and how much you love it, I would probably save it for something else, for instance a private game.

    If you want to grow a business around it, you will need something that everyone likes, and remembers.
    IMO the best option would be a short brandable name which immediately hints at chilrdren's games.
    As for the domain name, .COM is the golden standard. It's a pain if you don't sit on a .COM.

    My objections to CaiPix and CaiPlay names :
    - What is it about ? Sadly, no idea
    - How do you spell it ? Multiple ways...
    - If you heard / saw it today, would you remember it tomorrow ? Likely not..

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    This, especially considering these are geared towards children, you'll want the name to be catchy and easily remembered.

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