Cloud or Analog based surveillance!

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    I recently bought a cafe and started operations! I am in need of quality surveillance with live monitoring, recordings and motion detection, since employees are not very responsible and some clients make problems. Cameras definitely respect them!
    I checked the prices to get regular video camares and recording system, but I did a little research!
    It is expensive to buy all this hardware - about $300-$400..
    With the cloud based IP surveillance is different stroy - I just need to buy IP cameras and hooked them up to my internet connection!
    Also checked several sites, that are with pretty good quality services fennocloudcam(dot)com, ivideon..They provide different plans for homes and business!
    I talked with a guy from fennocloudcam and He explained, that if I get on place based recording system and server and if someone comes to my property - thief or someone else, He can steal the servers and the recordings will be gone. If they are cloud based and I have an UPS system somewhere in my garage or basement- my internet and electric power will not disappear, if the thifs cut the electric cables and all my recordings and live monitoring will be protected!
    What do you think..I choce fennocloudcam, but maybe there are other options as well..Please advise!
    For now the service is great and I can attache as many cameras as I want and monitor them from anywhere through my Smart phone!

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