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    Hi guys. :)

    I would like to introduce this new site that we're working on. Well if you click on that link it will give you the general idea of what it's for but before I get into that let me explain that it's not 100% up yet. We're still working out the bugs and we may even get a new layout but any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    First of all if you are familiar with Teambox or Basecamp, this is similar to those services. What will make us different will be simplicity, and ease of use.

    If you use Twitter or Facebook you can use this. We're wanting to make it universal so that anybody can understand it and use it in their own ways.

    What is "it" anyway?

    Well Cliqhub is going to be designed as a project collaboration tool. Project managers can use it. Students can use it too. Or maybe a group of friends working on something.

    -Users will get the option to create "hubs" if they have multiple projects.
    -choose who can join each hub.
    -upload files, documents, pictures
    -comment on uploads, give status updates
    -have multiple task calendars so your project timelines are always organized
    -more to come
    -your suggestions here

    I'm going to send a set of limited invites to people who would like to be Beta-Testers for our site. This is going to be a Free Beta-testing phase and our launch should be anytime soon. Like I said we just want the site to be user friendly as soon as we have our set of Beta-Testers.

    Please feel free to post here if you have had previous experience with similar software or websites.

    What attracted you to it?
    What would you have changed?
    Are you still using it? If yes: what makes you stay?
    If no: what are you looking for?

    If you are interested in being a tester please message me with your name and email address so we can send out the invites as soon as we are ready to launch.

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