Cheapest and Best Cloud Servers, Why you should move to the Cloud server?

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    Leveraging the power of internet has become the inevitable for most of the Small Medium Enterprises. Many individuals too have joined the bandwagon for a variety of reasons which is mostly dominated by LOW COST factor. Cloud servers thus have been, one of the most relied upon service that has caught attention of many. The 10 benefits of cloud servers discussed below makes them more lucrative;
    1. Flexibility: Cloud servers are comparatively easy to be bought into your IT asset list. With service providers offering delivery time in as little as 4-6 hours, customers can begin using them mostly on the same day.
    2. Easier Recovery and Resolution: Customers who rely on cloud servers generally DON’T require complex back up and disaster recovery strategies.
    3. Manageability: Cloud servers are easier to manage using remote consoles, managing applications, updates are clicks away when compared to physical servers.
    4. Seamless Collaboration: The virtual location of the Cloud servers enables employees to collaborate seamlessly beyond geographical boundaries.
    5. Security with added competitiveness: Data stored in the cloud is most often secure than on physical servers. Imagine it eliminates Physical access vulnerabilities and loss of data owing to physical damages.
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    Good tips. Thank you for your post. However, I still dont trust to save my accounting / personal or important information on a cloud-based servers as there is a risk to loose it completely

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