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    Jan 6, 2011
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    I work at a small clothes company, We work hard, but always the salary is little cause few orders. I dream, someday I can run a company myself and make more money. But it is easier to say more than done. But I don’t have enough money to operate.
    One day, I search the from the google. And I found many suppliers and buyers on it. I register a member and put some clothes on it.
    Then, what happened? I received some inquiries. And I reply each and quote for them. At last one of member paid us and buy some clothes. And then another and another orders followed. But, cause the high price and not good quality, some of the buyers not much satisfied with our company. Then I make a decision, It’s time to quit and run a company myself now. So I quit the job and meet some of my friends and begin to work for myself. I register a new member and post more and more products on Now the company is run by myself and I can adjust the price and quality to meet the buyers, I get more and more orders from is one reason for my success, but without the help, assistance and guidance of, it will be nothing for my today’s company. This is how changed my life!
    I can’t image, and I don’t believe whether I can be successful or not. But I do it. I want to share my story with anyone. Hold on the chance!
    Many thanks, BYTRADE.COM

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