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Discussion in 'Growing and Managing a Business' started by Tim Paine, Aug 6, 2015.

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    Where can I go to meet these people who are interested in selling their entire business so I can take it forward from there?

    I am looking to buy an IT company from CH. I have heard of these so called ready-made shelf pre-registered companies that have never been used before, i.e. have had no activity. I have ran into couple of sites that provide these companies for sale - i.e.

    These firms are meant to be bought quickly and easily. All that is required, is to transfer the shelf company's shares to the buyer. The shelf company name and/or objectives can be changed / modified by the buyer at the moment of transfer, if required so. provides Swiss aged shelf companies, fully incorporated.

    I simply have no time for starting a new company and going through the registration process and finde this way much easier and comfortable.

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