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    Starting, managing, and growing a business successfully requires an in-depth understanding of business strategy. The experts on this matter aren't get-rich-quick bloggers or ebook authors. They're strategy consulting firms. These are firms that work with companies on a daily basis with the sole purpose of growing their clients' businesses.

    Consulting firms have developed and refined frameworks for solving various business problems, from sourcing a commodity to pricing a new product. On the page below, I've compiled these exact business frameworks used by top management consulting firms.

    Business Strategy

    I've spent the better part of my career as a strategy consultant (worked for small 10-person boutiques to international 100k+ full service consultancies), which is how I accrued the knowledge to create these documents. You won't find this stuff in an ebook. ;)

    There's a myth that consulting methodologies only pertain to big companies. This simply isn't true. I've consulted for a number of start-up and mid-size companies. Furthermore, established companies are always launching new products, acquiring small companies, and divesting business units that become startups--and face the same challenges as someone starting a small business.

    You'll find that all your classic strategy and management principles, e.g. Porter's 5 Forces, SWOT Analysis, Value Chain, Product Lifecycle, were developed by consultants. These methodologies are now taught in MBA programs.

    Don't waste any time, money, and effort on get-rich-quick or internet marketing ebooks. Learn the real stuff from the pros. There's a reason Fortune 500 companies like IBM, GE, and Google use them; and top MBA programs like Harvard, Wharton, and Stanford teach them.

    If you have questions around our products, please feel free to post a reply or send me a PM. Feedback is always welcome!

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